Learn to help have bariatric clients have greater success by guiding them through specially developed coaching processes using the the BMS method of MINDSET MASTERY techniques! 

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In this program nurses, therapists, social workers, dietitians, nutritionists, physical therapists and others interested in coaching bariatric clients will gain skills and tools to more deeply and affectively serve the bariatric community .
This coaching certification covers a breath of information and is interdisciplinary. Students will move through foundations and proficiencies of coaching into the the deep interworking of serving a bariatric client. 

Created by
Kristin Lloyd, PhD 

I have spent years studying the needs of the bariatric community. I am well known for my group program serving bariatric clients after they have had surgery. This new cutting edge Bariatric Mindset certification program has been created to help other individuals understand the deep needs of the bariatric community, learn how to serve them, and or deepen their current practice. 
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Create a business using your unique skills, your passion for bariatrics and helping others, and get certified by leaders in the field. We train leaders to become preferred partners for doctors, surgeons, and other professionals. This certification is open to serious applicants only ready to open a practice, or uplevel their current practice in working with Bariatric patients. 
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Learn more about Certification in this Webinar! 

Highlights of this Coaching certification

You will learn … 
  •  Important coaching fundamentals 
  • The importance of trauma informed care 
  • Core issues for bariatric patients 
  • Specific challenges of the bariatric community in regards to executive functioning 
  • Somatic and body based strategies and techniques to support your clients 
  • Skills, tools and techniques to help your clients move through their blocks and soar to success   We will help you unlock your inner potential so you can excel in your professional field