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Meet the Instructor

Dr. Kristin Lloyd, PhD has been creating outstanding results for individuals, couples, and organizations for over 15 years as a highly-accomplished psychotherapist, transformational mindset coach, college educator, and consultant.

Through her invigorating and transformative facilitation skills, Kristin has been guiding individuals, couples, and executives to achieve dramatic breakthroughs in mindset and motivation, self-confidence, productivity, commitment, interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, stress reduction, and aligning with their soul's purpose as well as reinventing one's future for success. She is now working with other professionals and guiding them to advanced breakthroughs with her revolutionary training strategies.

As a college educator, she had significant input on curriculum, learning styles, and a deep understanding of how people learn and implement new skills. In her new coaching certification, Dr. Kristin is putting her educator and training skills together in building a curriculum to train coaches, nurses, dietitians, and other medical providers on how to best coach bariatric patients using the most innovative mindset techniques.

The Bariatric Mindset Success Professional Coaching Certification Program and Behavioral Mastery Solutions Coach Training Program (non-bariatric) are sister programs aimed at helping professionals succeed in next-level coaching and lasting transformation.

Dr. Kristin is also a certified Reiki Master, certified hypnotherapist, certified EFT tapping practitioner, a prolific writer, and has been a contributing writer for Obesity Help and the Obesity Action Coalition. Dr. Kristin is the Amazon bestselling author of "Bariatric Mindset Success", and "Release Your Regain" Her books can be found on Amazon.

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