Good Grief

Whether you think it's a "happy" day or not, we all need some love, compassion, and space these days..

This year has NOT been the best for anyone, and it's been a struggle for many to get through the day to day.

Just this week, I've spoken with clients and my group about GRIEF.

The collective grief of this whole year in many ways is catching up and it's time we really pay attention to what it's guiding us to learn.

The grief many are experiencing are beyond what we think of when we hear the word "GRIEF".

While some may have lost family due to COVID-19, there are others struggling with various other casualties of this entire year.

There's the GRIEF regarding..

the LOSS of connection
the LOSS of freedom to roam, be, to gather, etc.
the LOSS of normalcy
the LOSS of what we know to be true
the LOSS of control
the LOSS of any semblance of certainty (even if we didn't have it before!!)
the LOSS of travel (spontaneity, vacations, and a sense of wonder).

.....and so much more!

Many still struggle with economic hardships, while others are thriving.

And, this is the time of year when we TEND to gather most.. and this year, it will be the least.

I send love to all of those living alone who are struggling with loneliness and who need physical touch.

There's so much to grieve this year.. and at the same time, I'm called to ask (for myself) and to have you ask (of your own situations and grief)....


As you'll hear in an upcoming episode of the MACROS & MINDSET podcast which will drop next week, we've all had something to grieve this year. Everyone's loss looks different, yet we have the opportunity to see it from many perspectives.

If we ONLY see the awfulness of it all, we could slip into an even darker place..If we ONLY see the wrongness of it all, we could slip into anger or cynicism which could end up with blame and pointing fingers.If we ONLY focus on how horrible it is, we may miss the gifts.

Some of you might say.. GIFTS?? What could you even mean??

First of all.. while there may be struggle, loneliness, darkness, and pain, there could also be an opportunity to see and be grateful for the things we DO have right now. It could be an opportunity to revisit grief, and allow yourself to sit with it, grow from it, so that you CAN move through it, in your own time.

It could be an opportunity to also work through the feelings that may have been "stuck" for a while, and create new patterns for both mental and physical wellness.

It could be an opportunity to use solitude to change patterns, to pray, to meditate, to create or grow a spiritual practice, to learn new recipes, or to get fit in new ways (at home dance, yoga, etc.).

It could be an opportunity to learn something and take a class, apply for that degree, or go back for another degree, etc.

It could be an opportunity to reflect on one's life and see if there needs to be a redirection of sorts. It can also be a time for COMPASSION, SELF-CARE, or to REFOCUS on your most basic needs.

And, it can also be a time that you acknowledge "what is" so that you can work through it with both GRIT and GRACE. This isn't the time to pack your plate full of stuff, but to HONOR where you are and what you NEED most - for your mind, for your body, for your soul.

And, this all reminds me of an email I sent back months ago titled, "It's okay to not be okay"

You can find that on the blog here

Whatever is coming up for you this week, I sincerely wish that you are able to glean the wisdom from it all. I hope that we are all able to find the hope, love, light, and peace in all the darkness of the grief that has been felt this year.

I've always heard, and believed, it's always the darkest before the dawn.

Keep the faith, refocus on yourself, and give yourself what you need MOST right now - whatever that might be.

I hope this message serves you well..