BMS™ Tracking Method

Tracking can be triggering if you haven't shifted  your mindset around it's purpose. This is why I've created the BMS (Bariatric Mindset Success) Tracking Method. It helps you to stay on track with your
POST-OP journey while ditching the diet mentality and loving your body while eating nourishing yummy foods. 

Already I've had clients tell me this program is a GAME CHANGER for their mindset around tracking and in healing their relationship with food. 

With the BMS tracking method you'll learn...

We will be exploring deep into many topics but here are some key areas we dive into!! 

  • Eating from a place of honoring your body and your tastebuds.
  • Practicing mindfulness and body attunement.
  • Understanding WHY you're triggered by tracking, but how it's a game changer for your weight loss journey.
  • Shifting the SHAME away from your desires or from food - and tackling the TRUE root cause of  why you don't want to track.
  • How TRACKING can be your SUPERPOWER and actually puts you MORE in touch with yourself and your body.
  • Create a MINDSET shift around tracking - and mastering it for health, growth, WLS success, lifestyle success, awareness, insight, discernment, self-regulation and self-mastery!
  • Learn the 5-levels of tracking and take the ASSESSMENT to know where YOU need to start specifically for YOUR needs right now.

Keep Weight Off Long-Term

"Tracking" is also known as self-monitoring in the clinical literature, and it's one of the BEST ways to keep the weight off long-term.

But, if keeping a food journal makes you twitch, or brings back the days of the "diet" or of having a "diet mentality" leading to unhealthy patterns with food, you'll need a mindset shift in order for you to feel in alignment with tracking, and for you to SEE and EXPERIENCE it differently - so that you can TRACK for healing and growth, all while feeling at peace with yourself. This journey is about BUILDING TRUST, and shifting old patterns of shame from looking at what you're eating.

Inside this course, we'll work on WHY it's important for you track, and start to give you an inside view on WHY tracking may trigger you and what to do instead.

Plus, I'll personally guide you through my proprietary tracking methodology which aids in switching off 'diet mentality' and redirects you to be in alignment with your body, your taste buds, and the food you're eating for healthy patterns, long-term weight loss, and achieving success.