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Group Coaching Program Sample Support Calls & Info Session 

Includes preview of a GROUP COACHING support call 


Want to join a support call?

This call was created for people to experience a group coaching program support call. 
In this call you will experience: 

  • What transformation you can create inside the program. 
  • What type of support we provide. 
  • An opportunity to ask questions and see if this group is a GOOD FIT for you and will meet your needs. 
  • Insight and a greater understanding of the mindset shifts we support, nurture and cultivate in this program when you show up for YOU! 
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Jennifer is a Master Certified Coach certified since 2011. In her second year of professional trauma training via Somatic Experiencing (SE), she recognizes the limitations of thought work alone and integrates body-based, bottom-up techniques into her practices. Jennifer has completed multiple trainings in eating psychology, mindset, behavior change and is well versed in many of the struggles bariatric patients face. As a WLS patient herself, she is also an advocate, trainer and leader with a gentle spirit and a sprinkle of tough love. It's through her driven resilient nature, passion for knowledge and growth that led her to back to her purpose of coaching women through their own weight loss journey and on the road to health and healing. Jennifer also has a small private practice where she coaches professional women toward their best lives. 
Frances Vogel has over 30 years of experience in Recovery programs and has been a mentor and sponsor for those in recovery for many years. Through her work she encourages others to find what works for them, not a one size fits all approach. Meeting everyone 'where they are' on their journey and guiding them with understanding, hope and personal experiences to the next level of their recovery. Truly empowering each woman with changed thinking and changed attitudes. This is how together can meet our personal goals.  She’s also a wife of 25 years and mother of 2 sons and daughter. She has embraced the challenges of parenting, while being in a committed relationship with all it's ups and downs through her own weight loss journey.  After 20 years of running a successful business, she has transitioned to coaching to fulfill her life’s purpose of guiding women back to themselves.

Kristin Lloyd, PhD

Author, Mentor, Mindset Coach, Psychotherapist
Founder, Bariatric Mindset, LLC
Dr. Kristin coaches bariatric patients to overcome emotional eating, end the diet cycle to heal their relationship with food, their body and themselves.

"Weight loss surgery got you started, mindset shifts keep you going."