Advantages of the GROUP COACHING program

YOU are the source that we tap into on this journey. YOU are the masterpiece from which YOU create, heal, and grow. 

#1 Accelerate Results

We streamline your results by starting with what you may not know, so you can quickly and easily uncover the root causes of your patterns. The reasons you've developed using food to soothe, or avoided uncomfortable emotions is it was taught to you or a pattern you learned to survive difficult life events. We accelerate your results by teaching you the various underpinnings of these lifelong patterns that plague many bariatric patients which keep them stuck. Then we give you the tools, strategies, and teach skills so that you can change your behaviors, habits, so you can 'feel to heal' which will change your outcomes, for good. 

#2  Create Focus & Momentum

Within this program we have created a learning path with the learner (YOU) in mind. This is why we incorporate support calls and workshops along with the live coaching. We know people have busy lives and don't want to miss out on anything, and we agree - you shouldn't have to! We recognize not everyone can make the live calls, and this is why we have recorded replays so you can stay on target with your goals, with your support, and in touch with the connected nature of this group. 

#3 Transformation Begins Day 1

We begin with orientation on purpose. 
This gives you an opportunity to dig into the INTAKE packet and start recognizing the patterns you may or may not have known existed. Through the orientation and Module 1 we uncover the ROOT causes of these patterns so you can start taking action and being your personalized transformational journey and practices on DAY 1. 

Benefits of the BMS™ Group Coaching Program


  • Shift out of "stuck" and into FLOW of life & massive WLS results
  • ROCK your self-esteem, confidence and self-worth 
  • Ditch "diet" mentality leading you to happy, and healthy LIFESTYLE change  
  • Release sabotage and food obsessions giving way to a healthy relationship with food (and yourself!)
  • Overcome emotional eating, persistent negativity & self-doubt
  • Using your VOICE to speak your truth in difficult or stressful situations
  • Healthy Relationship with FOOD, YOURSELF, & YOUR BODY! 
  • Long-term bariatric success & long-term weight loss / maintenance 
  • Juicy relationships and marriages
  • A strong IDENTITY of self 
  • Feel GOOD in your body and in your clothes!
  • Healthy Boundaries for Home & Work
  • FREE of drama and negativity 
  • Career Advancement (raises, promotions, new jobs/careers, etc.)
  • Adventurous Travel & Recreation, New Found Hobbies & experiencing FUN on a regular basis 
  • (For Singles) Navigating Dating, sex, relationships, and boundaries 
              But... what's beneath the surface?

  • Mindset Basics & Mindset Matters at any stage (yes, even PRE-OP!) 
  • Uncovering the Root/Core Issues of Rogue Eating 
  • Food & Feelings / Practicing New Tools & Strategies 
  • Back on Track (back to basics) & Releasing Regain 
  • Stay on Track & Dealing with Stalls/Plateaus
  • Cultivating Healthy Boundaries with family, colleagues/boss, friends, and self
  • Creating Healthy Relationships 
  • Career/Business/Work-Life Success 
  • Releasing Perfectionism & People Pleasing
  • Rediscovering your Identity (WHO you are now after surgery, after the weight loss)
  • Your Relationship with Your Body / Body Image 
  • Bariatric Performance (Time Management/Productivity)
  • Physical Activity/Movement/Motivation to Exercise 
  • Utilizing Somatic Healing Techniques in the Practice of Subtle Trauma Release & Grounding
  • Prioritizing wellness & self-care as a strong foundation for LIFE 
  • Healing from Grief/Loss - or- mindset preparation for how this might impact your post-op journey
  • Balancing wellness with the demands of everyday life.  


This is a COMMITMENT and this is NOT a jump in jump out type of group, this is NOT a membership – it's a commitment to YOU and your journey for SIX whole months! We are here to do BIG things, and in order to cultivate that, we must return to the roots of ourselves  - and that takes TIME! 

We lift you up when you’re down and we soar together.

Commitment to your own path is one of our biggest priorities because I know- we know that without commitment, you’ll be backsliding into old patterns.

This program is a commitment to yourself, a commitment to your goals, a commitment to your future and a commitment of ALL of who you want to become on this bariatric journey that you’ve begun.

Since YOU are the source of your decisions - we take you BACK to you. This entire program is all about you. Guiding you to heal old patterns, grow through new discoveries, and becoming the PERSON you desire to be. 

Don't know who you are anymore? Not sure where to begin? Confused or scared about what's beneath the surface?

This is why we walk this journey together.  YOU are the central focus of this program and all the trainings are created to help you create the life you desire. 


This is a MASTERCLASS in YOU...

Boost your confidence, master your WLS journey, and finally ditch emotional eating. Learn to use all the related tools, strategies, and put them into practice. Get to the ROOT cause of your food issues, and heal your relationship with food. Live a rich life beyond weight and food. Thrive in your CAREER, RELATIONSHIPS, and LIFE. 
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What's Included:

We will help you unlock your inner potential so you can excel to create lasting transformation. Some of the features of our trainings are:

  • Orientation Intake Packet & Orientation session (pre-recorded and ready for you to dive in!)
  • LIVE Orientation calls via ZOOM to get you started, orient to the program, ask questions, meet other members & the team  (starting the week of Feb 4th)
  • Weekly ​LIVE group ZOOM calls and (2) that you can SPEAK ON each month for your own hot seat coaching with personalized direction & guidance with our team of coaches - Multiple calls to participate in TOTAL over the course of the 6-month program - you have access to ALL the calls (over 24-hours per month!!) 
  • LIVE 'DEEP DIVE' ZOOM calls  to go farther with personal issues, blocks, obstacles - getting unstuck  -creating direction and action plans leading to massive transformation.
  • (4) monthly LIVE support group ZOOM calls for generalized support outside of coaching 
  • All sessions are recorded so you can review the replay and re-watch sessions at your leisure. There are 24-30 live call hours/content hours per month you can listen to! (**Invaluable**)
  • Monthly Modules of RECORDED trainings pertaining to the THEME of the month (for all 6 months!) **now with added text transcriptions** 
  • LIVE Monthly Workshops hosted by TEAM Coaches and/or Dr. Kristin 
  • Monthly Activity Worksheets dedicated to the coordinating session themes & topics
  • Private Secret Facebook Group exclusively for group members (**Invaluable**) & weekly email digest for those that don't do FB 
  • Guided Curriculum Calendar feature for those who prefer guided weekly tasks, key dates, & a guided learning format
  • EFT tapping 'HOW TO' recorded trainings and mini-videos on various topics (Emotional Freedom Techniques) 
  • Mini-Trainings & small mindset "bites" that supplement your learning and new healthy behaviors 
  • Additional psychoeducational trainings for living with depression, anxiety, & ADHD
  • Mini-Mindfulness Meditations specific to the bariatric journey 
  • Continuous Coaching, Accountability, & Support
  • Bonus Masterclasses to view at your leisure 

Program Bonuses:

  • Access to the BMS™ Tracking Method course (a $499 value!!)
  • Accountability partner program, mentoring and small groups for greater support.
  • 6-month access to the **BRAND NEW** BMS™ GTS membership  (Guidance-Training-Support) which offers (2) additional support groups monthly and a LIBRARY of over 100+ audio trainings at your fingertips. It's having Dr. Kristin in your back pocket!   (a $325 value)
  • Bi-Weekly Themed Challenges to keep you pumped! 
Please note that this is exclusively a woman's group - which includes those identifying as women.


There comes a time when you realize that KNOWING and DOING are two different things. You may KNOW exactly WHAT to do, and at the same time, you KNOW that you are not DOING it.

There comes a time when you realize that you're struggling with issues and don't know how to change them:​
  • autopilot behaviors
  • emotional eating
  • emotional overwhelm
  • self-sabotage 
  • lack of motivation or getting started
  • low frustration tolerance
  • depression/anxiety/ADHD
Enroll $2500 $1111

There's no NUTRITIONAL solution for an EMOTIONAL problem

YOU must address the CORE issues. 

Are you ready to be part of a group that will help you understand yourself, gain tools and strategies to help you overcome the food issues and emotional eating, to help you stay on track, or get you back on track when you go astray?

Are you ready to be part of a group that will empower you to make the lifestyle changes that are needed for the long-haul?

Support is what you need and yet you want something more personalized and more in depth.

You want a sisterhood, a team, a tribe, to lift you up when you’re down and experiencing challenges. I’ve been there.

If NOTHING changes, NOTHING changes.

You are hurting because you’re so frustrated that you can’t resist the food, or that you can’t seem to get a handle on your relationships, your eating patterns, or the like.

I’ve been there and I get it.

You got the surgery to overcome the struggle, yet you still feel like while some things have changed, there are many things that have stayed the same.
This is because it’s more than just the food – it’s your mindset, it's your behavior, it’s how you feel about you, it’s the outside pressure and judgment from family or friends. You experience pressure at work, and stress and as a result of surgery – your coping mechanism (the food) is just not there for you like it used to be.

You are being called upon to change, and you don’t know how. You want to eat protein first, yet the potato is calling your name.

That something is YOU.

LISTEN to what our participants are saying.... 

Having been over 400lbs and having bariatric surgery myself, I understand the struggles with food, having to build new coping mechanisms, and the emotional challenges that arise.

You want a group that gets YOU, your struggle, and your pain.

You want to be called out on the excuses and you want to be held accountable.

You want to get back on track and STAY on track.

You want to understand WHY you do the things you do and REAL strategies, tools, and techniques to change FOR GOOD!

You want the lifestyle shifts and lifestyle change – for the long haul.
You want to know that others know where you’ve been, and have an idea of where you want to go.
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I’m Dr. Kristin, and I’m here to guide you and many others through a group mentoring program that leads you to life-long weight loss and lifestyle success. While you think it’s just the food, the nutrition, the exercise and “THE PLAN” – it’s so much more.

It’s how you feel about the plan, how you feel about yourself, and learning new strategies and tools following bariatric surgery that lead you to success. It's about unpacking your baggage, and all the things that hold you back!! It's about prioritizing YOU because that's how you create massive RESULTS! 

And that’s why I do what I do...
to guide you to RESULTS!

I'm HERE to teach you what I've learned so you can APPLY the techniques that work for you to create LASTING CHANGE!

I've had weight loss surgery too and I've lived this POST-OP life for nearly 10 years!! I've experienced the challenges. I've experienced regain - and lost it, and now sitting at my lowest weight ever! I've gone through it, so I know what you are going through.

I've had to cultivate the practices and lifestyle changes to keep the weight off long-term. I'm also a licensed psychotherapist, transformational mindset coach and the international leading expert in breakthrough mindset success beyond bariatric surgery.

My team and I are here guide you to the success you’ve wanted, one step at a time, putting you back in the driver’s seat of your life – and leading you to lifelong-weight loss and lifelong bariatric success.

This is a group of bariatric women of all shapes, sizes and of all backgrounds. Some are pre-op, some are less than three months out and others have years’ post-surgery. The goal is to get back on track and stay on track for the long-term.
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Meet the BMS™ Coaching Team

In addition to working with Dr. Kristin, meet the coaches and group facilitators who lead workshops, support groups, coaching groups,
and so much more which maximizes support in this amazing experience. 
Jennifer Armstrong
Bariatric Mindset Success Coach
Jennifer is a Master Certified Coach certified since 2011.  In her second year of professional trauma training via Somatic Experiencing (SE), she recognizes the limitations of thought work alone and integrates body-based, bottom-up techniques into her practices. Jennifer has completed multiple trainings in eating psychology, mindset, behavior change  and is well versed in many of the struggles bariatric patients face. As a WLS patient herself, she is also an advocate, trainer and leader with a gentle spirit and a sprinkle of tough love. It's through her driven resilient nature, passion for knowledge and growth that led her to back to her purpose of coaching women through their own weight loss journey and on the road to health and healing. Jennifer also has a small private practice where she coaches professional women toward their best lives. 

Frances Vogel 
Bariatric Mindset Success Coach
Frances Vogel has over 30 years of experience in Recovery programs and has been a mentor and sponsor for those in recovery for many years. Through her work she encourages others to find what works for them, not a one size fits all approach. Meeting everyone 'where they are' on their journey and guiding them with understanding, hope and personal experiences to the next level of their recovery. Truly empowering each woman with changed thinking and changed attitudes. This is how together can meet our personal goals.  

She’s also a wife of 25 years and mother of 2 sons and daughter. She has embraced the challenges of parenting, while being in a committed relationship with all it's ups and downs through her own weight loss journey.  After 20 years of running a successful business, she has transitioned to coaching to fulfill her life’s purpose of guiding women back to themselves.


Our participants  are making MASSIVE shifts 

I am 3 years post VSG. I was having some regain. I'd allowed old habits and patterns to return and feared I was losing control. I am now working on losing the regain utilizing the tools the program has taught me. This program is not a diet or quick fix. At first it is a little overwhelming - so much information and resources! But Dr Kristin and the coaches are there to guide you. I was able to answer why I overeat/binge eat, to recognize the emotions and face them. With workshops to practice the skills learned I now have plans and exercises in place.  The support provided is outstanding, from the coaches and Dr Kristin, to your fellow members. It is a safe space to express and explore your feelings and emotions.
This program is worth every penny. There are so many resources, so much support, so much self discovery. As the layers peel back, the coaching sessions are there for you to verbalize what you're discovering and get feedback. Dr Kristin is particularly skilled at reaching in and pulling out the truth in all the BS. If you're looking for a program that will help you discover the emotions behind your eating, are willing to do the hard work and learn tools to help you along the way this is the program you've been looking for!
 The food noise is much quieter and visits less often. When it does come I feel empowered and able to handle what comes along.
I joined the Bariatric Mindset Group Coaching Program after 40lbs of regain. When I signed up I had no idea what to expect. I took a while to get involved but when I did the changes it made in my life have been unbelievable. The support calls, deep dives, hot seat calls and facebook group have provided the breakthrough I was looking for. I got more from the participation in the Bariatric Mindset Coaching Program in 6 months than years of local support groups and various other Bariatric Support. I finally found my tribe! Thank you Kristin and Team for proving a place for us and the tools we need to succeed. I can't wait to sign up next session!
Joy W. 
When I joined the BMS Group Program, I didn’t realize how stuck I was in a victim mindset and learned helplessness. Fast forward 6 months, and instead of looking at resolutions at the beginning of this year, I decided to reflect on all my notes I had taken from the Hot Seats, Deep Dives and modules. As a result of this, I came to realize how much of a shift in perspective I had experienced. Being a part of this program has helped me be more committed and consistent. I have learned to use the wisdom of my body to focus on how well I feel. I am more flexible and I more easily recognize my strengths, advocating for my body. Due to regain over the past 19 years after having gone through an inordinate amount of challenges and tragedy,  I am learning to release the suffering and moving towards healing. I am also practicing self-compassion and owing my choices instead of punishing myself.  My body is losing weight in its own time as I follow my plan, and I feel good about that.
Suzanne C. 

Shoutouts from other current/past members....

To say this group has helped me would be an understatement. It’s is so reassuring to know other people understand what you’re going through and to have people to turn to that will listen. When the group program started I was really struggling with the mindset piece of bariatric surgery but now I feel stronger and more confident in my journey. I can say 100% that I wouldn’t be where I am without the support this group program has given me!

- Beth Detter

The Bariatric Mindset Group Program is a fantastic resource to have as both a pre and post-op bariatric patient. Kristin is amazing. Working with her is more like talking to a friend rather than working with a coach. The people that I have met in this group are pretty amazing as well. I feel totally comfortable sharing my feelings and emotions with them.

It very much feels like a no-judgment zone!! Take advantage of this group, you WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!!!!!

- Marti Bea

Bariatric Mindset Group Program has been the best decision I made. Kristin is amazing, she is a positive, knowledgeable, and insightful coach. She gets all the mental struggles and setbacks. She makes you believe that you will rise above your issues and problems to become what you envisioned for yourself. I am so thankful to her for many reasons. She gets it and me.

- Tena Butticci

Dr. Kristin is a miracle worker. She gets right to the root of the problem. You can say very few words, and she gets it right away. She definitely has all of the tools to help you get to the root of the problem, shift your mindset., and change your life. I highly recommend the Bariatric Mindset Group Coaching Program. JUST DO IT. It has been a life-changer for me, and I know it will be for you too!

- Heather

I knew I needed some help, but I did not know what it was. I was reading Dr. Kristin's book, Bariatric Mindset Success, and I researched Kristin and discovered the Bariatric Mindset Group Coaching Program. I jumped in not knowing what to expect, and I found something so much more than I could have ever imagined.

I found a group of supportive women who understand what I was going through and are going through it with me! We celebrate each other's success and support each other through the struggles. I found lifelong friends that I never would have found had I not joined this group, I found an amazing coach who understood me and my journey because she went through it herself. She approaches her coaching through compassion and understanding, which I had never experienced prior to joining the group.

Most of all I learned that it was not all about food and what I ate, but how I thought about myself and how that needed to shift. If you are thinking about it, and are ready to do the work. I HIGHLY recommend joining this group. Invest in yourself, you're worth it!

- Mannie

I have gone deeper with her and found out more about myself and what makes me tick than I have with any other person. She helped me lose the rest of my weight and keep the weight off for the past two years. I have had no regain. She and the women in the group keep me on track. If you are looking for that one group, this is the one to go for!

- Angie Peck

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