Mindset & Journaling for Life & WLS Success

Lose the weight, stay in maintenance, overcome self-sabotage, and GET out of your own way!! 

It takes a few mindset shifts to make it happen - and it's POSSIBLE. 

In this course, you'll learn how to uncover your limiting beliefs about success, your abilities, and subconscious blocks that are stopping you from taking action or achieving the success you  desire. 

I'll teach you the MOST effective and efficient way to get INTO your head, so YOU can finally get OUT of your head, and create the results and success you FINALLY desire - ALL through JOURNALING! 

Journal Your Way to Mindset & WLS Success using this SIMPLE method in as little as 5-10 minutes a day! 

There are several studies that show that JOURNALING can reduce stress, help you to track progress and growth, achieve goals faster, gain self-confidence, challenge negative self-talk, improve self-esteem, find inspiration, strengthen memory and can be a positive impact to both your PHYSICAL and MENTAL health and wellbeing. 
Throughout this course you will discover HOW TO JOURNAL for greater SUCCESS on your WLS journey: 

  • Put an end to the "blank page stare" or the "blank page effect" and "unblock" your thinking or fears around journaling. 
  • Learn how to "journal" by writing easily and effortlessly - about anything! (and I'll teach you how to use devices other than paper if this suits you better!)
  • You'll gain guidance on the best journal for YOU - because you'll 'try on' several journaling methods over the course of the program leading you to a greater understanding of what YOU need. 
  • You'll get to know you better and get past the fatal, "I don't know" when it comes to your patterns and who you TRULY are. 
  • You'll learn to track progress, problems, and successes - all while practicing how to gain insight into "why you do what you do" so you can change it - all through journaling. 
  • You'll learn how to use journaling as an aid to weight loss to get you to your RESULTS faster! 
  • You'll learn how to "shift the shame" and turn around self-blame, and guilt - and shift negative thought patterns that create sabotage - all through using a daily journaling practice. 
  • You'll learn how to INTEGRATE this with ease into your daily life. 
  • You'll learn about and practice the privacy and confidentiality of your journal and how to make it a safe space -even if you don't fully trust those inside your house. 
  • You'll MASTER getting out of your head - so that you can finally reduce overwhelm, anxiety, negative patterns - and uncover things that may be holding you back on your journal.
  • Then you'll put it ALL into action - with ease and flow. 
  • And... if that's not all - you'll learn how to turn this into a MASTERFUL practice to guide you in creating the LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS!!