Jumpstart Your Year- Part 1 

When you hold yourself in high esteem, you're more likely to choose things that nurture your well being and serve you well. These things may be in the form of eating healthy, exercising or having healthy relationships, or making choices that honor you mind, body, and spirit.

What you are going to Learn

This course has around 2 hours of juicy details that help you move further into self love! We will also be looking at the reality of how you might have gotten to where you are in the first place. 

Lack of self love can stem from patterns, habits, experiences, and past trauma. Individuals adopt the beliefs and pain from others or from their experiences. So lets uncover those!!!! 
We will be exploring deep into many topics but here are some key areas we dive into!! 

  • Seeking INTERNAL rather than EXTERNAL validation
  • Reflecting on GROWTH mindset vs. FIXED mindset
  • Recognizing imperfection is part of the journey
  • How does Self love differ from selfishness?