Motivation & Mindset Mastery

Motivation ohhhh motivation - WHERE ARE YOU? 

Lost your MOJO?? Need a shot of something to get you going? 
Frustrated with your progress, and want to get results but can't seem to find the MOTIVATION to get started?? 

Get back in the GROOVE with this course on Motivation & Mindset Mastery to give you the JUMPSTART you've been needing! 


 On this journey, I see many many people "waiting" on motivation like it's a bus, train, or plane. Lovelies - it's not coming. And, it's not coming, because it's not something you WAIT for, it's something you IGNITE within you! **DING DING DING***

The motivation to get going is all about YOU, your mindset, your desires, and is impacted by the things you're avoiding.

The motivation you need already exists - all you need to do is ACCESS it, and I'm going to show you HOW! 

When it comes to motivation - there is usually something hidden or sneaky beneath the surface that is holding you back. I teach you how to find it, how to shift it, and how to get going on your journey... FAST! 

You ready?? Let's DO THIS! 
Stop waiting for the BUS, it's NOT coming.

What you'll learn:

We will be exploring deep into many topics but here are some key areas we dive into!! 

  • Get clarity on your big WHY 
  • Discover the difference in external (extrinsic) vs. internal (intrinsic) motivation and why, when, and how it matters for taking action.
  • Understand the 'mindset blocks'  that are preventing you from getting started, and how old habits creep in - and how to pivot! 
  • Find out why your comfort zone is actually a danger zone for your health, happiness, and journey. 
  • Learn how "all or nothing" thinking or your pattern of perfectionism is actually paralyzing any progress. 
  • Pick up "brain tricks" and "fun" ways to take action. 
  • Ignite the motivation from within using powerful shifts in your emotional state and through EASY to use strategies. 
  • Gain tools, techniques, and practices to get going YESTERDAY!