Tame Adversity & Building RESILIENCE 

Remember that old adage, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade"??"  Building RESILIENCE is more than just making lemonade from lemons. It's about shifting your perspective, getting the proper support, being vulnerable enough, and willing enough to allow yourself to BE SUPPORTED, and which requires all the necessary steps to SUPPORT YOURSELF as well - even if the first step is asking for help. 

Often RESILIENCE is a fancy word for the "process" that helps you in overcoming hardship. 

Life is FULL of ADVERSITY. Life will have UPS & DOWNS. That's a GIVEN.  However, most people don't know how to shift their perspective OUT of negative thinking patterns which include self-defeatist attitudes, a pessimistic mindset, or a "why me?" belief system, which unfortunately brings about victim mentality, leading to more struggles, not less. 

In this 2-hour MASTERCLASS, you'll learn the underpinnings of WHY you might struggle with adversity, and how to TRULY build a MINDSET supporting RESILIENCE so that when LIFE hits the fan (which it inevitably will for everyone!), then you have the tools in place to deal with struggles and adversity leading to BETTER POSSIBLE OUTCOMES. 

Building RESILIENCE isn't about struggle, it's about not letting the STRUGGLE impact YOU, and how you WANT to LIVE. This masterclass teaches you how to deal with it using practical psychological techniques, so you can manage difficulties without letting them conquer you. 

It's time for the GAME ON mindset!  Are you ready?? Let's do this! 

 is a SKILL you can LEARN

We will be exploring deep into many topics but here are some key areas to IMPROVE your RESILIENCE DEVELOPMENT: 

  • What is RESILIENCE and why is it needed on a weight loss journey? 
  • Why do people struggle with victim mentality or defeatist thinking?
  • Understanding adversity,  reactions to adversity and the origins which cause more struggles - not less!  
  • Understanding the trauma response and how this impacts RESILIENCE as a whole, beyond weight management. 
  • Create a MINDSET shift around  struggle and resilience so that you can be more successful on your weight loss journey. 
  • Get PRACTICAL TOOLS that you can implement shifting you out of negative self-defeating patterns.
  • PRACTICE self-awareness, and new behaviors to support yourself best (which is the CORE of being RESILIENT) when adversity and life issues create "struggle" in your life.  


Adversity is a part of life. Struggle is a part of life. 
It's TIME you practice NOT giving up on YOU. 

All those old patterns are conditioned, and it's time you let them go so when life happens, you can continue on your journey adapting and responding with greater RESILIENCE!!  

Often so many people struggle with "life events" that are often outside of their control, leading them to "giving up" and then feeling they have "failed" themselves. 

What if this is embedded in your MINDSET? 

It's not uncommon for people to focus on fears, the pain and unintentionally create SUFFERING on this journey.  It doesn't need to be this way!! 

This WORKSHOP/MASTERCLASS helps to pave the way for developing RESILIENCE using psychological strategies and personalized insight - allowing you to pave the pathway for the support YOU need to strengthen the areas you need to work on MOST.  

YOU are your own healer, and through this workshop, you'll recognize how attachment  to adversity and negative thinking patterns can be due to the trauma response and past emotional wounding, a negative cyclical mindset, and potentially mental health struggles (depression, anxiety, ADHD, etc.).

You'll LEARN how to SHIFT YOUR MINDSET so you can put an end to old patterns, release the "comfort" of adversity, old stories, heal the WOUNDS,  giving you NEW TOOLS to achieve greater peace and joy to live this journey fully, maintenance and beyond.