Survive the Holidays Masterclass Bundle

The holidays are a VERY stressful time for many, especially when family is involved. A whopping 85 percent of Americans admit to overeating during the holidays, with nearly two thirds (61 percent) feeling physically uncomfortable after eating a holiday meal.

At least 75% of overeating events are linked with EMOTIONAL EATING. In this course, you'll be guided to practical, strategic, and emotional techniques to help you get through the holidays healthy and happy - and without weight regain! 

In this videos SERIES, you'll gain all the tips and tools you'll need to SURVIVE and THRIVE during the holidays season. 

In Survive the Holidays Masterclass Bundle you'll learn...

  • Priorities and time management techniques to get ALL the things done
  • Handling Holiday Craziness & Stay sane during the holiday season, Maintain or Obtain Emotional Stability
  • Appropriately manage your personal boundaries and emotions when dealing with family and/or holiday dramaMastering interpersonal communication when drama arises – what to say when to say it
  • Attending Holiday parties with ease & how to make the most of them – fitting in when you may feel left out
  • Handling Food Cravings vs. Emotional Eating
  • Continuing with your Bariatric Basics (protein first, water, sleep, supplements, exercise)
  • Mindset around Holiday Food & Staying on TrackMotivation to keep you going when things get crazy

Don't get railroaded by family or drama!

 "NORMAL" doesn't exist - and we all have those people in our families who know EXACTLY how to push our buttons.  You may be torn between going to a family gathering or staying at home. You might be struggling with what to eat or how to eat if family is NOT supportive.

All of these things are COVERED in this masterclass! 

The holidays can be a time of celebration, bliss, and excitement - but it can also cause stress, overwhelm, and frustration. Don't get caught in an emotional eating cycle that leaves you feeling powerless and isolated without support. It's time to take your power back through new skills, tools and practices that put you BACK in the drivers' seat of your life - leaving behind shame, blame, and guilt. 

Are you READY? Let's DO THIS!